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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 11:15 AM | Sheryl Milligan (Administrator)

Our Servant's Heart Team is always on duty looking for professional house cleaners in our community who are doing extraordinary things in their local communities!

As leaders of this movement, we recognize that society is able to understand the importance of the professional house cleaning industry and the amount of knowledge, skill, & effort required to operate as a professional cleaner when they are educated and offered a chance to meet the people behind the businesses that are leaders in their local communities. 

When our team learned that community members Adrianne Holston and Autumn Jiles of Clean Heart Cleaning Service are cleaning and leading with Servant's Hearts down in Alabama, we were thrilled to hear that Sheldon Haygood WBRC of WBRC FOX6 was interested in featuring this story! Thank you for believing in and supporting our mission, Sheldon! We appreciate you! ❤️

Why do we do what we do? Adrianne Holston is spot on when she says, "The reward when we're done [with a cleaning] is amazing and I'm not talking about the money... i'm talking about the feeling."

And then this...
"This is a business to us," says Autumn Jiles. "We provide a professional service, not just grab a mop and clean. There is more to it and we want people to know about it."

 Great going, ladies!  ❤️
We are proud of what you are doing down there in AL and to call y'all family! Thank you for both for representing our mission & professional house cleaners so well & leading with a Servant's Heart!

"Clean Heart is part of a national movement, '#NotJustACleaningLady,' that is sweeping the country. The company is also about community and is on a mission to not just clean people's homes, but also help those in need. Clean Heart Cleaning Services is located at 509 Jackson Avenue West, Oneonta, Alabama 35121." - Sheldon Haygood, 6WBRC

Watch the segment HERE

If you're in the Oneonta, Alabama area & know anyone looking for professional house cleaning services, spread the word & give Clean Heart a call at (205) 835-6036 or (205) 370-2265.

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