Motivation Lacking? Get refresher tips here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 8:00 AM | Sheryl Milligan (Administrator)

AHCA Founder Grace Reynolds is the queen of motivation. Not only is she the Founder and President of the AHCA, she also sits on the board of directors, runs a local maid service, is the leading influencer in the cleaning community, offers mentoring to others, and has 10 kids (+ one on the way). WHEW!

With a crazy busy schedule like hers, it would be SO easy to get overwhelmed and just want to quit. Especially with the hurdles of guiding a global movement, a revolution if you will. But that doesn't stop her. Grace's motivation really boils down to one thing..YOU. Knowing that she is helping each of you and forging this path that noone has done before, it keeps her from giving up. Sure there are other influencers that have come before, but this is the first time someone is using their megaphone for the voice of the whole, for helping all cleaners instead of their own bottom line. We don't have all the answers. But together, we can answer anything. 

Read more about Grace's motivation, and 27 other tips to stay motivated when you need it! 

Coming together in our efforts, with unique and diverse ideas and innovation, helping our industry grow beyond the stigmas, by transforming the attitudes of our society that have always held this trade back from its powerful potential and using these struggles to make the success of our mission unstoppable!

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