AHCA invited to speak at 2019 Facebook Communities Summit

Wednesday, January 09, 2019 3:37 PM | Sheryl Milligan (Administrator)

✈️  Our efforts in raising awareness for the professional house cleaning industry & promoting respect & recognition for house cleaners worldwide have been NOTICED! ❤️

 WE ARE SUPER EXCITED to announce that Facebook has selected our AHCA sponsored House Cleaners Community, Handmaid Cleaning Community, to not only attend but also be a speaker at the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit at their Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA!

 We are THRILLED & HONORED that our House Cleaners Community is being recognized as a Meaningful Community in the world-- on such a big global stage-- and to network with hundreds of other power admins and community leaders representing some of the most meaningful communities, groups, and non-profits in the world!

Kevin and Grace will be attending the Summit and representing our cleaning community- but we will be there as a voice for ALL cleaners!

CONGRATS to all cleaning professionals, wherever you are in the world.. and Thank You for your service! Our work is tough and often receive little recognition for the work we do each day.

❤️ All House Cleaners: We will keep working hard to promote you and the professional house cleaning industry. This is just the beginning!

 You are the reason.

Do you know anyone that cleans homes or offices? Let them know about our house cleaners #movementhttps://facebook.com/groups/handmaidcleaning

Do you think that professional cleaners & the cleaning industry receive the recognition & respect for the necessary and hard work that we all do each day? Will you commit to doing something nice this month for a janitor or house cleaner?

Check out our journey for ALL cleaners!

Coming together in our efforts, with unique and diverse ideas and innovation, helping our industry grow beyond the stigmas, by transforming the attitudes of our society that have always held this trade back from its powerful potential and using these struggles to make the success of our mission unstoppable!

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