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Grace Reynolds, Co-Founder

In 2011 while trying to raise two young children as a single mother and full-time student, Grace started Handmaid Cleaning as a personal mission for a trade she had always admired and loved. Starting in Grace's earliest stages in life, she found cleaning to be a therapeutic outlet, a concrete atmosphere of peace, in the midst of the abusive home were she was raised. As Grace grew on her personal journey she came to a cross road, where she decided to take the leap into doing the work she had always loved as a way to support herself and her children.

From the beginning of this journey, although she was naturally skilled in the trade of housecleaning, she still spent hundreds of hours educating herself in best practices to ensure that she would be prepared from the start. Having graduated college with a degree in General Sciences with a focus and Honors in Psychology, only several months after starting her service, it seemed as though many family and friends felt she had "wasted" her talents and "sold" herself "short" to much of her family and friends around her. This experience helped her wake up more fully to the stigmas surrounding this trade. Through this apparent dilemma, she was grateful to have the opportunity to see this stigma face to face, on such a personal level a new and greater mission to help others - She made it her mission to open the eyes of the public to see cleaning as a vital trade and skilled profession.

Since then Grace and Kevin Reynolds have effectively created a new respect for Cleaners, in the small town of Walla Walla, Washington, where cleaning as a true profession was something not yet even available, nor understood as a reality. Now, with the Help of their Office Manager, Sheryl Milligan, have formed a movement and NPO, the American House Cleaners Association, raising respect and awarenesses of House Cleaners around the world.

Kevin Reynolds, Co-Founder VP 

From the early days of the company in 2012, Kevin brought the leadership, marketing and advertising skills necessary to effectively spread the mission his wife held dear to her heart. His love for this mission and movement developed over time, by his devotion and desire to make Grace's dreams come true. Starting small, Kevin and Grace first created a new respect for Cleaners, in the small town of Walla Walla, Washington, where House Cleaning as a profession was something not yet even available, nor understood on even the lowest levels. Within the first few years of starting, they successfully gained an unstoppable momentum in creating a new culture toward Cleaning Professionals by implementing the building and promotion of their local team of Handmaid Cleaners. Today they have a thriving and award winning service in their local community and have set a higher standard of cleaning skills and overall respect for this profession in Walla Walla.

Now, with the Help of their once cleaner, now Director of International Relations, and CDO, Sheryl Milligan, Kevin and Grace Reynolds have formed a world wide community and movement on Facebook and are effectively spreading the Mission through recognition of multiple media outlets, including Forbes, Huffington's Thrive Global, Medium, among others. The Handmaid Cleaning Community movement was brought to life for the purposes and mission of the American House Cleaners Association, raising respect and awarenesses of House Cleaners around the world.

Sheryl Milligan, CDO 
     Director of International PR

In 2015, Sheryl started her first days working as a cleaner for Handmaid Residential Cleaning. She quickly gained notice from Kevin and Grace, as they recognized her innovation, independence, and unique ability to implement effective leadership within our local team/ She could easily adapt to each unique circumstance, finding ways to address difficulties and conflicts with both humility and love.

Although she originally joined Handmaid Cleaning's team as a temporary endeavor during a time of transition in her life, she took on her position as a house cleaner with her heart. With this approach, she was able to recognize what an impact this work had on members of the Walla Walla community, on both families and local businesses. In her previous world, before joining the Handmaid team, she had always seen cleaning as a mundane duty and it did not bring her joy. 

After a short period of time, the level of cleaning she was able to provide using the transforming methods  and established standards provided by Handmaid, she was able to see the industry's vital role in providing a true civil service for the local community of Walla Walla and for humanity as whole. She has since gained a new found respect for those who serve the world in this way and by being able to help families and businesses transform their lives through cleaning, it has put her whole heart into the vision of this mission.

Since becoming a member of our foundational leadership team, Sheryl has not only helped develop and implement new and better ways of leadership and direction for our local cleaning service team, but continues to help cleaners through her deep understanding of the vision for this mission, helping and contributing to ever-evolving methods and approaches valuable to the growth and development of the mission and purpose of the AHCA.

Steven Reynolds, CTO
   Knight of Marching Codes

Steven has recently joined our team as a Board Member of the AHCA. After years of consideration, Steven has now committed to providing for the ongoing success and implementation of technical strategies for the structure and development of our mission. He will be utilizing his unique skills developed through his education and experience as a civil engineer and program designer in the Bay Area of California. With his skills, intellect and experience he is effectively providing the AHCA better and more effective ways of implementing strategies, colliding the necessary components of technical integrations. By this generous contribution of his time and talents, the mission will continue to develop in its ability to provide the best ways to serve our members, making possible the development of informational materials and tools allowing comprehensive methods and materials to be more accessible for our industry's growth and ongoing evolution!

Coming together with unique and diverse ideas and innovation. Helping our industry grow beyond the stigmas. Transforming the attitudes of our society that have always held this trade back. Bringing forward the powerful potential this industry has. Using these struggles to make the success of our mission unstoppable.

American House Cleaners Association 

103 East Main Street #204B,

Walla Walla, WA 99362


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