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~ Leigh Buchanan,

Inc. Magazine 

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Which membership should I choose?

- This is entirely up to you. Each of the 5 options are equally important to the overall mission. We'd love for you to read more about what each one contributes to, and choose the one that speaks to you. Be sure to check out the JOIN AHCA page to see a side by side comparison of the benefits to you. 

* What do I get for being a member?

- Being a member not only benefits you and your business, but it benefits the mission of your specific project as well. Every member receives digital  downloads and certificates verifying that you are an active member of The AHCA. This can be used for marketing, on your website, or  to protome yourselves as a trusted and certified cleaning service. You will also receive discounts on your mission shop. You receive access to education materials and certifications, business tools, and a private members only Facebook group. Servant's Heart, Project Heart, and Not Just A Cleaning Lady members also receive yearly promotions and/or media attention in their local service area, paid for by The AHCA. 

* Where does the membership money go?

- The membership money goes towards the overall mission of raising respect, awareness and recognition for professional house cleaners. This may include promoting ads, securing press coverage, designing memes, building chatbox templates, providing estimation tools, securing discounts for systems and services, retaining moderators for groups, procuring space for local networking events, providing resources for all AHCA and Handmaid Cleaning Community members, etc. 

* Why should I join the AHCA instead of one of the other industry memberships?

- Great question! Yes, there are other industry based organizations you could join. We KNOW that we are totally different than them. We used to be members of another organization, and paid $40 per month. We realized we never really got anything out of it. It didn't help our business, and it didn't help the industry as a whole. They promoted expensive "guru" filled conventions, but as a smaller business we couldn't afford the hefty price tag.

We thought there had to be a better way. New cleaning business owners need reliable information to help build their services in a professional manner so they don't have to undercharge and drive the industry prices down. Seasoned cleaning business owners could be friends and offer help to each other, because we all know there is no ONE way to clean. There are a plethora of options that work well, and maybe we can all learn from each other. We can't demand a change from the public in the way they look at us if we don't stand together. The purpose of the AHCA is to help all cleaners, not just the ones with deep pockets. It's to elevate our industry. It's to raise the respect, awareness and recognition for ALL cleaners, which has been needed for decades. The other folks started with a similar vision, but they changed along the way. We have cleaners at the heart of our mission, so we can't lose! 

* How much does the yearly media promotion cost?

- Nothing at all! If your membership includes a yearly promotion, it is provided and paid for entirely by The AHCA. We have a media form that you can fill out once you become a member. When it is time for your promotion, we will handle everything! It's our way of saying thank you for believing in the cause, for supporting the mission, and a great way to get recognition for the skilled and necessary work that we do. The more cleaners are spotlighted in the media doing good, the more the general public will take notice. 

* How can we change the stigma against our industry?

- Well, it's definitely going to be a tough battle, but together we can do it! Becoming a member of the Handmaid Cleaning Community allows us to come together across the globe. With over 19,000 members and counting, we are the largest group of professional cleaners. In there, we are able to share tips and tricks, give advice, and build each other up. So many members say they didn't have the confidence they needed until joining the group. Encouraging each other, networking with local cleaners, stopping the cut-throat nature...these are all imperative. If we stand united then we stop undercutting each other. We begin the demand for a fair living wage. We provide and share business files including handbooks, contracts, policies, etc. This shows we are a professional business and demands respect. We follow the Code of Ethics and have conversations with everyone. We don't allow clients to bully us in fear of retaliation. We showcase cleaners in the news for giving to those in need, helping clean up after natural disasters, etc. This informs the public of the good we do. It shows that cleaning is NECESSARY and SKILLED. This is the start! 

* This sounds too good to be true. How do we know it will work?

- We know it will work because it already is! Every week community members are gaining knowledge and confidence. They are raising their prices and demanding respect. Our AHCA members have received some of the yearly media attention in their areas and their client base has improved. Simply by being able to go onto apps and board where folks are looking for cleaning services and saying "Our service is AHCA certified" has garnered respect for their business. In the current state of mind that the world is in, there's no better time to demand this change of stigma against our industry. Please join us in making history! 

If your question wasn't answered here, please feel free to contact us

Coming together with unique and diverse ideas and innovation. Helping our industry grow beyond the stigmas. Transforming the attitudes of our society that have always held this trade back. Bringing forward the powerful potential this industry has. Using these struggles to make the success of our mission unstoppable.

American House Cleaners Association 

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