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Here's a Toast to the Nation's Very First Annual

Professional House Cleaners Day                   

Coming to You on September 17, 2019                                

The AHCA's Project Heart Brings this Day to the

Official National Day Calendar

For the Public:

"This Day will act as a reminder for our Nation to show appreciation for the important work that Professional Cleaners do for our society.

For the Industry:

"As Industry providers, let this be an annual opportunity for all of us to stand united in an effort to spread awareness for the fundamental aspects of cleaning that make this a professional trade." - The Project Heart Leadership Team.

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  Who is Project Heart:

Our Hats are off to Project Heart of the AHCA

For Giving Us this Day

Project Heart's Message to the Nation:


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Project Heart is the VOICE of all Cleaners:

Project Heart knows just how powerful this National Day will be for all Cleaning Providers in the coming years and decades as this industry grows. 

It will act as a reminder for our Nation to show appreciation for the important work that we do for our society as a whole, and an annual opportunity for all of us in the industry to unite in spreading awareness for the fundamental aspects of cleaning as a professional trade. 

This AHCA Project is dedicated to increasing Respect for this Industry by raising awareness of the Skill and Necessity of Cleaning as a Professional Trade through the All Members of the AHCA, but mostly effectively through the gifted marketing experts donating their valuable talents to the annual promotion of cleaning services of members of our three projects: Servant's Heart, Not Just a Cleaning Lady and Companions Project.

 As Seen On National Day Calendar:


"The American House Cleaners Association (AHCA) founded National Professional House Cleaners Day in 2019 to raise awareness, respect, and recognition for House Cleaners and the professional house cleaning industry. The day was also founded to celebrate their necessary contributions to the health and wellbeing of our society, as one of the most skilled trades of the labor force in the United States. 

In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Professional House Cleaners Day to be observed on September 17th annually.

The AHCA is the leading voice of the professional house cleaning industry in the United States. Our private cleaning community of 19,000 professional house cleaners is led by house cleaning industry community leaders, Kevin and Grace Reynolds and Sheryl Milligan, of Handmaid Cleaning, LLC in Walla Walla, WA. Join us on Facebook:

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!

The Project Heart didn't Stop There....

Establishing the Day is only just the start...

The AHCA's Project Heart Team has already put forward thousands of dollars in funds, hundreds hours in donated time & quality recourses, all necessary to bring this day for YOUR RECOGNITION into the Public Eye.

Our team continues to invest into the awareness of this day by the production of videos, posts and memes for ads on internet search engine & social media platforms throughout the country and also providing AHCA members tools, connections and opportunities to gain press both locally and nationally.

Many of our leaders have spent countless hours in volunteering their skills, quality resources and expertise to bring awareness of this day to the public, which is key to giving all cleaners recognition where it matters most for the purposes of our mission to raise respect and awareness of this trade for YOU. 

Help Us Spread the WORD of this Day.

Donate to Help the featured Video above, which has been voluntarily produced by our team as well as all of our other Ads about this Day Reach More People, to the Public Have a more informed outlook and appreciation for the work you do!!

Become a Project Heart Member to Help our Team Year Around & Make Your Business a Shinning Star of this Movement to Your Local Service Area.  

More: National Day Calendar Says:

National Professional House Cleaners Day - September 17

HOW TO OBSERVE #ProfessionalHouseCleanersDay

If you currently have a regular cleaning service and/or independent house cleaner, show your genuine appreciation for what they do! Thank them for their work. Let them know how their work impacts your family. Show them how valuable their service is to your quality of life.

Use #ProfessionalHouseCleanersDay and TAG a housecleaner and/or a cleaning business you know to share with others on social media.

Want to do more? Show your support and appreciation for all cleaners by learning more about our movement on our website. Learn the truth about house cleaners and the stigmas that still actively affect our society’s understanding of this trade today. You can also donate or even become a member of the AHCA! Visit our website today,

Professional House cleaners Day logo

As Seen On National Day Calendar:

"National Professional House Cleaners Day on September 17th recognizes Professional Cleaners for the necessary and skillful trade they provide every day. In homes and business across the country, Professional Cleaners create healthier environments.

This recognition day celebrates a career many may overlook or take for granted. While not everyone hires a Professional Cleaner, in some way, they do impact our lives. Nearly every business we frequent, and apartment building rented, utilizes professional cleaners. Economically, the industry employs approximately 3.25 million people creating a positive impact on the marketplace."

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners

Besides cleaning homes and businesses, Professional House Cleaners offer so much more. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved air quality – Regular professional cleaning reduces the build-up of dust. In older homes, exposure to allergins, lead, and asbestos fibers increase. A regular schedule of professional cleaning removes those contaminants from the air.
  • Longevity – Regular care of furniture, drapes, floors, and homes extends their life. Over time, items look newer longer and need replacing less often. These savings add up.
  • Time – Profession Cleaners free up time for family, friends, and investing in the essential things of life.
  • Health – Getting a sanitary clean in places like the kitchen and bathroom is essential. Not only do Professional Cleaners know how to achieve a hygienic clean, but they also use the right tools for the job.
  • Relaxation – Psychologically, coming home to a clean enables us to relax. We don’t face clutter. Everything is in its place.

Exceptionally Skilled

National Professional House Cleaners Day also praises the skills and knowledge of the people. Those in the industry have a passion for perfection, and here’s why:

  • Detail-oriented/well organized – A Professional Cleaner’s eye for detail and organizational skills make them ideal for this career. Their no-nonsense approach and thoroughness leave satisfied customers behind. Besides, how else do you get a house clean?
  • Experts – Professional Cleaners are experts when it comes to protecting, cleaning, and restoring fabrics and surfaces. Not only that, but they’re also the experts when it comes to protecting you and their employees. Doing the job right without injury to an employee, and maintaining a safe home is essential.
  • Leading the way – Many Professional Cleaners run their businesses. They employ specialists, balance product, schedules, and training. These business owners set a standard for their employees who in turn become leaders, too.
  • Efficient – When it comes to getting a job done right and quickly, Professional Cleaners mastered efficiency generations ago. Not only do they know the most effective ways, but the most cost-effective and healthiest ways to get a home or business clean. As a result, they’re also the businesses you can trust.

More Ways to Celebrate this Day

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- Share this Announcement with the World & Help Us Celebrate Your Cleaner and All Cleaners Around the Country! All You Need to do is Hit one the Share Options Below and Tag Your Cleaner(s) using our hashtag #NotJustaCleaningLady.

- Visit our Shop and Gift them the 1st National Cleaner's Day T-Shirt and other Swag to Show them How much their Service Means to You!

- Write them a Note and leave a generous Tip :) 

- Leave Them a Review on their Social Media Page & Recommend their Services to a Friend Today. 

- Make Sure to Tell them about the American House Cleaners Association, So they can become a part of this revolutionary movement for the industry - Giving them the tools, support & connections they need to increase their skills & professionalism for little to no cost at all. 



In an Effort to bring all cleaners together for support and collaboration, our team has invested thousands of hours and monetary funds in order to bring Cleaners together into a community, many who have never had connection with others in the industry before now. We know that in order to accomplish our mission to increase respect for the cleaner, we must first inspire a greater understanding of their own value to our society. In this group we are inspiring one another, and collaborating in our journeys. By providing a safe place to share openly, it has set an atmosphere of nurturing our growth in this industry, enabling us to improve ourselves as cleaning providers, ultimately empowering all of us to have more confidence, shaking off previous attitudes that have held us back, and creating a new understanding of professionalism. 

     Our Story Behind this Day 

In early 2019, after years of talking about the need for a day to recognize cleaners, Kevin Reynolds, the co-founder of the AHCA, took the initiative to campaign for a day to recognize House Cleaners nationally with the National Day Calendar. 

"Grace and  I always make big decisions like this together, especially when a good deal of funds are needed, but I was confident that it would mean the world to her, and the expense wouldn't even cross her mind in light of her passion for all the people who serve in this industry, and deep desire to establish a greater respect for them. When it came to choosing the day - it was an easy choice, Grace's Birthday, September 17th. Although I knew many people wouldn't want to share 'their special day' with any other celebration - Grace is a different kind, I knew it would be exactly what she wanted."

-Kevin Reynolds

A few weeks later National Professional House Cleaners Day was officially selected as 1 of 30 National Days selected out of almost 20,000 applications for the National Calendar this year. 

"I remember crying when I heard the news that Kevin had secured this day - and when he told me he had secured it for the 17th of  September, I was floored and I couldn't thank him enough - only short of life itself, I couldn't have been given a better birthday present for the rest of my life! It still brings tears to my eyes, and probably always will, when I really think about the impact of this step toward a greater appreciation for this trade, and most importantly a greater respect for all those that serve the world in this way."  -Grace Reynolds

WHY the American House Cleaners Association?

AHCA Founders, Grace and Kevin Reynolds, are a husband and wife team with a growing family of eight children and the founders of the award winning and nationally recognized industry brand, Handmaid Cleaning. They have been named marketing experts by Facebook and have received the title and privilege of being life-time members of the nationally accredited Facebook SMB Council. Since being brought into the council in 2017, they have been invited to Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, and in Austin Texas, where they have been hosted multiple times to speak on stage and as expert panelists to share & teach business owners about the most cutting-edge technology in marketing today. Grace & Kevin have become the community leaders of the professional cleaning industry, industry social & tech entrepreneurs, and influencers. Although they could have taken many other routes and opportunities to "get out" of the cleaning industry - they are excited to use their expertise and connections to make a difference in an industry where change has always been needed, lead this national movement, and provide a new and more effective approach while revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry. 

Utilizing their skills, knowledge, connections and established national authority, Kevin and Grace Reynolds are now inspiring and fostering a new respect for this trade nation wide by using their marketing and advertising skills by establishing the National Authority of the AHCA with the public. Promoting the Industry through creating events like National Professional House Cleaners Day, spotlighting cleaning services in their local communities, and working closely with developers utilizing the best & most advanced technology in the world, to reform and develop more affordable, accessible, and effective systems for the industry, making professionalism not only more attainable, but also making this trade more respected as a whole. 

 Bringing Unity, Expert Marketing, and Cutting-Edge Technology to the Cleaning Industry For the First Time.

Expert Marketing Strategies with the Industry's Best Interest AT HEART... Project Heart.

Using Concepts..WITH A TRACK RECORD. 

~Project Heart~ 

Committed to increasing Respect for this Industry by raising awareness of the Skill and Necessity of Cleaning as a Professional Trade through the Members of the AHCA, Servant's Heart, Not Just a Cleaning Lady and Companions Project. 

Project Heart knows just how powerful this National Day will be for all Cleaning Providers in the coming years and decades as this industry grows. 

It will act as a reminder for our Nation to show appreciation for the important work that we do for our society as a whole, and an annual opportunity for all of us in the industry to unite in spreading awareness for the fundamental aspects of cleaning as a professional trade 

Experience the Power of Increasing Respect for ALL Cleaners,

Shinning Light on the Skill and the Need of Cleaning 

by Spotlighting Your Business in Your Local Service Area and Opportunities for

Recognition on a National Level.

Handmaid Cleaning Beat the Odds...

From a Start-Up in 2012 to one of the Most Well Respected Businesses in the Region in less than 2 years - an approach that continues to receive national attention.

As Outsiders in a Small & Generationally Tight-knit Community with a Target population of less than 10,000, where Quality of Cleaning and Professional Cleaning Service standards had never been appreciated or even seen before

Within the First Two Years Handmaid Established...

A Brand New Concept - Cleaning as a Profession 

Increased Local Industry Rates by almost 400% after only 1 year

A New Standard of Cleaning Quality.

A New Standard of Community Unity & Business Ethics by providing & promoting charitable services to those in need.

Grow Your Business by Letting the AHCA's Marketing Experts Promote Your Business

The Industry's Best and Nationally Recognized Marketing Team

As a Project Heart Member.

Become an AHCA Project Heart Member


Because the AHCA wants to help all cleaning providers, we have opportunities for joining as a start-up,

Starting at Only $10/Month

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of the AHCA 

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Where the  Industry's 
"Little Guys" are Powerful

Calling All Tech-Developers, Cleaning Industry Software Providers, and Entrepreneurs Seeking to Serve this Industry's Best Interests.

The AHCA Cleaning Advocate Team promises YOU, as a professional cleaning provider, to always keep abreast in the Constant Evolution of Technology and in the ever changing Needs of those Serving in the front lines, that we may Ensure all Developments Built and Maintained are the Most Effective and Comprehensive Systems Possible and Geared toward the Best Interest of every Business we Serve in our Industry.

Join us in developing and streamlining current Industry Programs and Systems to provide more accessible, effective, and affordable tools & systems with our team of entrepreneurs, developers, & marketers utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies in a unified effort to further professionalize and elevate our industry.

When You Become an Advocate Member of the AHCA You are Setting a New Standard of Commitment to the Cleaning Industry.

Become an Advocate

*Advocate Members have the opportunity to collaborate with Leadership of the AHCA and may require making necessary changes to any and all current products, through avenues such as private beta testing groups within the Handmaid Cleaning Community.  Promotional Opportunities to the members and followers of this movement will be managed and implemented solely at the discretion of the AHCA Board Members, to ensure the best and most effective experience of providing connection for all parties involved.  ~ SEE EXAMPLE : ADVOCATES PRIVATE BETA GROUP BELOW 

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