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The AHCA's Housecleaners' Guide to COVID-19


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 CDC Cleaning Recommendations and General COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Clean and Disinfect 

Approved Disinfectants for COVID-19

General Public Safety Protocols 

Stay up to date with CDC Guidance for Employers and Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Implement Innovation.

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 Does Your State have a "Shelter in Place" Order?

Know if Residential & Commercial Cleaning are

Deemed Officially "Essential Services" in Your State!

**If your State or County has a "Shelter in Place" but does not address any home service trades - Refer to the CISA at the Top of List**

We will do our best to keep this list as up to date as possible, with updates completed at least every 24/hours. 

If you see a confirmed state missing let us know! You can email Grace Reynolds @ grace@theahca.org.

All States that are Highlighted in Orange are Linked to their State's Individual Protocols.

** TO VIEW FULL CHART -  If using mobile phone, turn your


A list compiled for your reference and confirmation. Officially endorsed by the


 State/Country"Shelter in Place" Order Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 

 Federal Mandate - CISAStatewide OrderEssential  Essential

Only Non-Essential Listed

Refer to CISA


AlaskaStatewide OrderEssentialEssential 
ArizonaStatewide OrderEssential Essential
ArkansasNo Order Yet N/AN/A 
California Statewide OrderEssential Essential
Colorado Statewide OrderEssentialEssential
Connecticut Statewide OrderEssential Essential
Delaware Statewide Order Essential Essential
Florida Directs Reference to the CISA EssentialEssential 
Georgia No Order Yet N/AN/A 
Hawaii Statewide OrderEssentialEssential 
Idaho  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
Illinois Statewide Order  EssentialEssential 
Indiana Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
IowaNo Order Yet N/A N/A
Kansas  In Select CountiesEssentialEssential 
Kentucky Statewide Order Essential Essential
Louisiana Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
MaineStatewide OrderEssentialEssential
Maryland  Statewide Order Essential Essential
Massachusetts Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
Michigan Statewide OrderEssentialEssential 
Minnesota Statewide OrderEssential Only For People with Disabilities


Missouri Statewide OrderEssentialEssential
Statewide OrderEssentialEssential 
Montana No Order Yet N/A N/A
NebraskaNo Order YetN/A N/A 
Nevada Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
New HampshireNo Order Yet N/AN/A 
New JerseyStatewide Order  EssentialEssential 
New Mexico Statewide OrderEssential  Essential
New York
  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
North CarolinaIn Select CountiesEssentialEssential 
North DakotaNo Order Yet N/AN/A 
Ohio  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
Oklahoma Statewide OrderEssentialEssential 
Oregon Statewide Order  EssentialEssential 
PennsylvaniaStatewide Order EssentialEssential 
Rhode IslandNon-Critical Retail Closure Only Refer to the CISAEssentialEssential
South CarolinaNo Order Yet N/A N/A
South Dakota No Order Yet N/A N/A
Tennessee Statewide OrderEssentialEssential
Texas In Select CountiesEssentialEssential 
Utah Directs Reference to the CISA EssentialEssential 
VermontStatewide Order EssentialEssential 
Virginia Statewide Order  EssentialEssential 
Washington  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
Washington, D.C.  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
West Virginia  Statewide Order EssentialEssential 
Wisconsin  Statewide Order Essential Essential 
Wyoming No Order Yet N/A N/A

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